Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dropping The Plates

How many "hats" do you wear in life? How many plates do you spin?

For the majority of us, it's a lot.

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For me, the last one always seems to me the plate that has to be allowed to fall. To keep my sanity I sometimes can't keep all those plates a-spinning.

When something has got to give, it's easy to let the karate training plate fall, for a number of reasons:

- It takes up big chunks of time out of the house at fixed times
- It needs lots of logistically planning to fit it around other people's schedules
- As its something I do for only me it feels selfish to prioritise it
- It requires motivation (harder to come by than hen's teeth I think)
- It requires energy (the first thing to go when the plate spinning gets overwhelming)
- It involves social communication with other people (something I struggle with greatly. I do not find it easy to work and play with others!)
- If I do have "free time" it's easier to fill it with more sedate things. Reading, crafting, watching TV for example

Of course there is a flip side to this. The positive things that I get out of it when I do keep that karate plate spinning:

- the fact that I eat better when I'm exercising
- that despite the lack of energy I have when I'm overwhelmed getting back into training ultimately gives me more energy
- that when I get there I realise I do miss seeing my fellow karateka
- that it provides me with moments of peace away from the hubbub of everything else
- that as far as "me time" goes it is usually time well spent
- that it improves my physical fitness (I work at the top of the building, 6 flights of stairs is a long way when your fitness level is in the toilet!)

The worry is, at least one of the plates have to give. I cannot spin them all. I guess I need to take a close look at which other one can be made still if I'm going to set the karate plate back on its journey again.


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  1. I agree with the "selfish pursuits priority" - in theory, anyway. I, too, feel guilty when I do things just for me. Well, I use to. Now I realize that if I do not do the things just for me, I am pretty worthless to everyone else.

    Was just thinking about this yesterday: my work schedule kind of keeps me from getting to class on anything resembling a regular basis, but I calculated the money I spend on gym membership (I try to get there at least three days a week) and drum lessons (once a week). That's money that could be used for other things, but I must do them in order for me to sanely function. I appreciate the feeling both give me, so I go - even when I don't feel like lifting weights or getting on anyone's elliptical or the time commitment jacks up my life. And I feel so much better when I do.

    Make time for it. You deserve to do that for yourself.


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