Friday, 2 September 2011

Scattered Focus

So, I guess I've been conspicuous by my absence of late. Nearly three months since I've felt the urge to waffle about anything karate related. Its a number of things contributing to the lack of posting and indeed a lack of training (which obviously impacts on what I've got to talk about). The change in routine over the summer break has been a big influence. An extra busy and frustrating period at work another. A million and one little things contributing and leading to a scattering of my focus when it comes to karate.

I'm certain all the big "karate minds" of the world would argue that outside influences and changes in your personal life should not impact on your karate training. In the real world however having a job, a husband, two kids, a sick parent and a messy house that needs cleaning and repairing are going to have an impact on it. Karate training whilst important to me personally is sometimes forced to take a back seat to other concerns.

To be honest, for a long time I didn't let karate come second to these things. Since I started on my karate journey two years ago I pretty much lived and breathed all things karate for most of my time. Part of that is a reflection of my personality I think. I'm definitely one to hyperfocus on a project. It becomes all consuming. The problem with that is you can't keep that intensity up indefinitely. Especially when the other things mentioned earlier start to demand action and attention on your part (as they rightly should). The danger is that you get to the point where you're energy for the project is all used up. I really don't want that to happen with karate.

So, where does that leave you. When you've reached the point when what was total hyperfocus is now scattered. It's hard to pull back all those strands of thought into a place of focus again. Especially hard to balance pulling them back in just the right amount  - to make sure you don't get to the hyperfocused point, but to allow enough focus to be able to progress.

A balancing act then. That's where I'm at. It feels little like things are conspiring against my training schedule at the moment, but I also know that part of that is because I don't have focus and I need to regain the incentive to make time for karate. I'm trying not to feel like the guy in the drawing up there. Pushing the rest of my life up a big hill in an attempt to get to the dojo!

Sunday this week will be the start of getting back into usual routines. The kids are back at school on Monday (my little boy starting primary school.... how'd that happen?) so hopefully that will help with getting my focus back on track. I have brown belt (2nd kyu) grading looming in my future and for that I really do need to have my head in the karate game.

Be back soon. Hopefully!



  1. Marie, don't beat yourself up because, well, life happens. Many times an illness or injury, family/work obligations and other stuff can all but block the door of the dojo. It is what it is.

    I don't know anyone who has not taken some time away from karate training at some point. My training partner was away for almost 10 years before he climbed back onto the mat. We tested for shodan together and, three months before his nidan test, his wife was in a serious car accident which put his training on the back burner while he took care of her, their two children and their home. Even fellow blogger Bob ("Middle-Aged Martial Artist") who tore his ACL during his black belt test would probably tell you the same.

    Get back when you can, that's all. Your fervor for it may wax and wane, but as long as you WANT to get back, you will. Even if it is a few months down the road. For me, short-term goals help keep the motivation level up. Whether it is a certain kata or even a tournament, putting it on the calendar makes me do what I gotta do to make it happen. It works for me.

    All the best with life. Things will work out exactly as they are supposed to :-)

  2. Welcome back. It's hard coming back. I've trained for decades (many years in soccer, some running, some tennis, the last six in the martial arts) and have found days when I could not train. Also weeks and months.

    The times that I've let it go for quarters and even years, I regret. It was to my own detriment. There is always a way (as the jitsu people say) and I should have found one. john

  3. Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of training? It's been happening to me too. There's been lots of things to deal with that need my attention more than martial arts. Here's to getting back to a routine soon!

    Good luck with preparing for 2nd kyu!

  4. Welcome back! Once you get back to training it will soon feel as if you'd never had a break - you'll soon get back into it. As Felicia said - Life happens!


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