Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Plots? Pah, Who Needs 'Em?

A strange thing is happening to me. I'm developing a weird fascination for martial arts movies. It's starting to freak me out a bit. In the past the thought of watching anything resembling a Ninja movie would have filled me with a dread beyond reason. I would have complained that they had no plot, that they were bloody thirsty, that the acting was second (third?) rate, that they held no interest for me at all.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself deliberately wandering into Blockbuster over the Bank Holiday weekend in search of a martial arts movie to entertain us for the evening. Bizarre.

What I've found you see, is that I don't care about the lack of plot, or the lousy acting, or the dreadful script......because I'm not watching that.....I'm waiting for the good stuff. For the fight scenes. What before would have been a mindless blur of tussling bodies has now become a series of stuff I recognise - a rising elbow here, a long knee there, a front kick, a round kick, a head level block. I see the stuff I'm learning there on the screen being used and it makes me interested. I see combinations, I see strategies, I see possibilites.

Kendo reckons I'm becoming blood thirsty in my old age. I reckon if I am, then he's noone to blame but himself...... karate classes for me was his idea. Serves him right!

If any of you haven't managed to see this movie yet:

Then I throughly recommend it. There's a completely wicked axe kick in there which quite frankly made me go a little giddy. It's even got a plot too - bonus!

Oh my goodness. Whatever has become of me????? :P



  1. SWEEEET!! "Kill Bill," and, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," are good. So are most Jet Li movies. :-) Fun stuff! :-)

  2. Im weaning her onto Jet Li. Him appearing in the expendables helped:)

  3. Jackie Chan is a lifelong favorite of mine. :-) On the other end of the scale, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude VanDamme make me want to barf. I hate them so much. Hahahahaha...

  4. I'm definitely a Jackie Chan fan (apart from the new karate kid!). I also like some of the more art house movies such as Kung Fu Hustle and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. For some reason western actors doing martial arts films don't cut the mustard for me e.g Steven Segal and John Claude Van-Damme, somehow they just make it all look thuggish!

  5. Totally feeling you on the MA flick thing. I now have an entire shelf on the DVD holder at home dedicated to MA films!

    Bruce Lee is a favorite as well as Sonny Chiba (he was Hatori Hansu - sword master in "Kill Bill"). Good stuff - although Beatrice (Kill Bill's femme fatale) will always hold a special place in my heart...

    I saw "The Expendables" and liked it a lot. Maybe it was the plot - or the fact that it had one :-)


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